Who We Are

S&B Construction Ltd. was established in 1993 in Kincardine, Ontario as a small single owner company. We had various snow plow and sanding contracts throughout Kincardine, Goderich, Paris and Tillsonburg.

A few years later, the company moved to Shedden, Ontario where the company began to grow. More trucks were purchased and business was improving. With growth in progress, S&B started a snowplow contract in 2000 with Steed and Evans Ltd. The contract consisted of 15 snowplow trucks that plowed the 4 major highways,  401, 402, 3 & 4 during the months of November to April.  

Due to our extensive knowledge of the snow plow and sanding business, S&B Construction Ltd. expanded and created the service company called S&B Services. This company began selling and installing compuspread systems and Larochelle plow systems. We also work along-side various contractors, municipalities and cities.

During the year, our tri-axle dump trucks work for various construction companies doing road construction throughout the London and St Thomas areas as well as doing our own excavation work.

In 2006, S&B Construction Ltd purchased a larger 14000 sq. foot facility located on 10.83 acres. This facility includes 2 large shops and a front show room where the main S&B office is located. We have a licenced mechanical shop where we perform ministry approved safeties to cars and trucks and repairs on various equipment.

Once established in our new building and all the new improvements to the land, we began screening topsoil and making 2-way mix.  Over the past year we have gone from just selling topsoil at our yard to now selling a variety of mulch, topsoils, gravel and many varieties of decorative and patio stones. Delivery services are available for all products throughout London and Elgin County. We have a large pick up truck that can haul anywhere from 5 to 6 yards  depending on the product and we also have tri-axle dump trucks that can haul between 15 and 20 yards of product. S&B Construction Ltd. is continuously expanding the landscape business, so come and take a look at all of our newly stocked products that are at prices you can afford.